Little Dipper

A small rustic cabin on a rugged lakefront site in Muskoka, Little Dipper has a single goal in mind: to transport visitors into an immersive and visceral experience of wilderness landscape; wind and water; and the ever changing sky.


The building rests gently on the land, scribed to the contours of the bedrock slope. Approaching from the water, guests arrive at a bridge leading into a covered porch. Once inside, the building reveals itself slowly, along a circuitous path, framing views of the landscape, sky, and water at every turn.

Location: Muskoka, Ontario

Design Team: Great Lake Studio

Images: Mike Yoshimura


The Living Area, with intimate built-in lounge seating, nestles back into the trees while opening widely toward the lake.


An upper level loft draws filtered light into the cabin at all times of day.


An enclosed bridge connects the main cabin to a private sleeping cabin, tucked back into the woods.


Little Dipper plan.jpg