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Harrison St Residence (03 adjusted).jpg

Located on a small lot in Downtown Toronto, the owners of this new three storey residence desired a peaceful urban retreat, purposefully tailored to nurture and enhance a close communal family life and their enjoyment of the outdoors. The response is a highly personalized expression of one small family’s particular lifestyle.

A small rustic cabin on a rugged lakefront site in Muskoka, Little Dipper has a single goal in mind: to transport visitors into an immersive wilderness experience, drawing upon the property’s full range of natural features.


This new residence in Etobicoke was shaped by a complex design agenda: Create a distinctly contemporary home that doesn’t feel alien to its mild suburban surroundings; organize the lifestyle needs of a large, extended family within the small footprint of the bungalow it is replacing; and provide a calming environment with strong connections to the outdoors throughout.

An aging downtown semi-detached with small windows, dark interior, and heavy masonry porch enclosure has its front dramatically opened-up to create a fresh new face with a completely different relationship to the street.

Gladstone 01_edited.jpg
Spadina 04.jpg

A new pleated stainless steel frieze hovers above the ground floor level of a former light-industrial warehouse building on Spadina Avenue, absorbing light and color from its surroundings and reflecting these back in a rhythmic, fractured pattern.

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